CD 1993

The Magictones »Last Night Live«

Diese CD ist nur noch antiquarisch erhältlich, dafür gibt es jetzt eine neue CD - wie schön!

The Magictones »Last Night Live«

Track Listing

Wende Weigand 1993

  1. Stand Back¹ (Kim Wilson)
  2. Standing On Shaky Ground¹ (Bowen, Hazell & Boyd)
  3. Last Night² (Jim Tullio, Peter Special)
  4. The Truth Hurts² (Neal, Greenlee, Lancaster)
  5. Love Like Blood¹ (John Hiatt)
  6. Big Fat Mama¹ (Wende Weigand; Intro²: Uli Hahn)
  7. Hard To Handle² (Allen Jones, Alvertis Isbell, Otis Redding)
  8. Sweet Soul Music¹ (Otis Redding, Arthur Conley)
  9. (Your love keeps lifting me) Higher And Higher² (Jackson, Smith, Miner, Davis)
  10. I Feel Good¹ (James Brown)
  11. Train Ride¹ (Orig.: Natural Ball) (Wende Weigand, Albert King)
  12. She’s Looking Good² (Roger Collins)
  13. Have A Little Faith In Me³ (John Hiatt) [Bonus track]

¹=1st show, ²=2nd show, ³=2-track DAT recording from the end of the 2nd show.

Recorded live at E-Werk Kellerbühne, Erlangen, 19-1-1993
Engineered by Joachim Höfler, live sound by Henri Krüger
Mixed by Joachim Höfler at Mega Sound Productions, Eckental
Mastered by Henry Sincigno at Digital Master Design

Photography: Konstanze Grießhammer & Michael Köbl
Realization: CAP Studio
Published 1993 as NET 9303

This record is dedicated
to all the great
black and white people
who brought us this
sweet soul music

The Magictones Personnel

Wende Weigand, lead vocals

Bernhard Sauer, bass
Peter Bongartz, drums
André Engelbrecht, right guitar
Ralph Hunger, left guitar & backing vocals
Michael Müller-Hillebrand, piano, organ & backing vocals
Klaus Fischer, drums on 11

Sebastian Strempel, lead trumpet & flugelhorn, solo on 11
Jörg Batz, trumpet (lead on 3) & flugelhorn
Stephan Greisinger, alto & tenor saxophone, solo on 2, 10, 12 (right)
Uli Hahn, tenor & baritone saxophone, solo on 6, 7, 11, 12 (left)
Horns arranged by Michael Müller-Hillebrand

Horn Section 1993

Production Details

The music on this Compact Disc was originally recorded on analogue equipment under live conditions. So you will hear some noise. Because of the 16 track limitation during the recording we had to record the backing vocals, the organ stereo effect as well as some organ parts later in the studio. Drums and lead vocals are definitely unchanged! We have only made a very small number of overdubs: some horns, some bass and some guitar. The tambourine on Higher And Higher has been added later by Peter. Almost the whole band sings (?) backing vocals on Sweet Soul Music. The bonus track is a 2-track DAT recording from the end of the second show.

The Magictones 1993


Das Cover unserer CD ist die ziemlich direkte Kopie einer limitierten LP-Veröffentlichung des Labels Stax, wie man im Vergleich unschwer erkennen kann:

Vorlage für das CD-Cover Cover der Magictones-CD

Auch beim CD-Label ließen wir uns von den Original-Label-Logos aus Memphis inspirieren:

Label-Logos von STAX und VOLT CD-Ausführung bei The Magictones

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